Ansan CGV   
Ansan Lotte Cinema
Ansan Gojan Lotte Cinema
Ansan Jung-ang Megabox
Anseong CGV
Anseong Lotte Cinema
Anyang (Anyang Station) Lotte Cinema   
Anyang ilbeon-ga Lotte Cinema
BaeGot CGV   
BaekSeok Megabox   
Beomgye CGV
BuCheon CGV   
BuCheon (Sin Jung-dong Station) Lotte Cinema   
BuCheon Station CGV   
BuCheon Station Lotte Cinema
Buk Suwon CGV   
Bundang Megabox   
Byeol-nae Megabox
Byeongjeom Lotte Cinema
Centralrock Lotte Cinema
Dong Suwon CGV   
Dongbaek CGV   
Dongducheon Donggwang Cinema
Dongducheon Munhwa Cinema
Dongtan CGV   
Dongtan Megabox
Dongtan Station CGV   
Gimpo CGV
Gimpo Megabox
Gimpo Hangang Sindosi Megabox
Gimpo Oonyang CGV   
Gimpo Pungmu CGV
Goyang StarField Megabox
Guri CGV
Guri Oulet Lotte Cinema
Gwang-gyo Oulet Lotte Cinema
Gwanggyo Sanghyeon CGV
GwangJu Terminal Lotte Cinema
GwangMyeong (GwangMyeong Sageori) Lotte Cinema   
GwangMyeong Cheolsan CGV
GwangMyeong Oulet Lotte Cinema
Gyeonggi Gwangju CGV
Hanam Starfield Megabox   
Hwajeong CGV
Hyangnam Lotte Cinema
Icheon CGV   
ilsan CGV   
ilsan Megabox   
ilsan Bellacitta Megabox   
Indeogwon Lotte Cinema
Jinjeop Lotte Cinema
JukJeon CGV   
Juyeop Lotte Cinema   
Kintex Megabox   
Lafesta Lotte Cinema   
Maseok Lotte Cinema
Misa Gangbyeon Megabox
Namyangju Megabox
Osan Lotte Cinema
Osan Megabox
Paju Chulpan Dosi Megabox   
Paju Geumchon Megabox   
Paju Munsan CGV
Paju Oulet Lotte Cinema   
Paju Unjeong Lotte Cinema   
Paju Unjeong Megabox
PanGyo CGV   
Pyeongchon CGV   
Pyeongchon (Beomgye Station) Lotte Cinema   
PyeongTaek CGV   
PyeongTaek Megabox
Pyeongtaek Bijeon (New Core) Lotte Cinema
Pyeongtaek Sosa CGV   
Sanbon CGV
Sanbon Fitin Lotte Cinema   
SeoHyeon CGV   
Seongnam (Moran Station) Lotte Cinema   
Seongnam Jung-ang (Sinheung Station) Lotte Cinema   
Seongnam Sinheung (Save Zone) Lotte Cinema
SiHeung CGV
Siheung Baegot Megabox
Sihwa Lotte Cinema
Songtan Lotte Cinema
Sopung CGV   
Starfield City We-rae CGV
Suwon CGV   
Suwon Lotte Cinema
Suwon Megabox
Suwon NamMun Megabox
Uijeongbu CGV   
Uijeongbu Milak Lotte Cinema
Uijeongbu Milak Megabox   
Uijeongbu Taeheung CGV   
We-rae Lotte Cinema   
Yangju Megabox
YangjuGoeup Lotte Cinema
Yatap CGV   
Yeokgok CGV
Yeongtong Megabox   
Yongin CGV
Yongin Giheung Lotte Cinema   
Yongin Techno Valley Megabox
Yongin Yeokbuk Lotte Cinema

Avengers : Endgame pre-sale is going on. (most of IMAX and 4DX are sold out)