About the reservation for Avengers : Endgame

The reservation for the Avengers : Endgame would be opened at 18:00 on 16th for 2D showtimes first.
In case of IMAX and 4DX, it would start from 18:00 on 18th, this Thurs.

However we think that special screening showtimes such as IMAX or 4DX of first few days would be sold out very fast, even in 20 mins.
That would be a different meaning of war from the war of Avengers…

(As far as we know, this movie has not been rated yet by KOFIC, the related public institution in Korea like MPAA in US.
After the process is finished, the cinemas will open the advance ticket sales for some days.)

Avengers : Endgame pre-sale is going on. (most of IMAX and 4DX are sold out)